Underlined are Cash and Cryptocurrency Prices. No Checks.

CONSULTATION FEE- $100 Cash and will go toward any 



Blood Work

Comprehensive Female Panel  $600.00

Annual Blood Work  $250.00

Comprehensive Thyroid Panel $300.00

Comprehensive Male Panel  $600.00

Male Panel-$450

Female Panel- $450

Medical Weight Loss-

H.C.G (23 Day Program/40 Day Program)- 


*Phentermine (30 Days)- $500

Semaglutide (Generic Wegovy/Ozempic)-$450

Semaglutide (Generic Wegoovy)-$999



Lipotropic Injections-

4 weeks for $120/$100 

B12 Injections- 4 weeks for $80/$60 


Testosterone Therapy for 10 Weeks (Consultation, Medication and

Basic Blood Work)- $450

Female Hormone Therapy


(includes all blood work,

consults and compounded hormones)

Erectile Dysfunction and Sexual Health

Generic Viagra 50s -$100/30 pills

Generic Viagra 100s- $150/30 pills

Generic Cialis 10s- $100/30 pills

Generic Cialis 20s-150/30 pills

Trimix~25 dose 370/ $360

~50 dose 570/560 

~100 dose 890/860

Quad mix~trimix+50 dollars

Oxytocin-$280/$220 for 10ml spray

Pshot PRP-3 session recommended- each session


PShot with Stem Cell-  3200

Womens Scream Cream- $270/$240


Peptide Analog-(4 weeks)-$320/$280

Actual Growth Hormone- $640/$580

Suboxone Therapy

Suboxone Therapy Consultation-$100

Pain Management

Prolotherapy per area~ $300/$260

PRP Per Area- $650/$500

Single dose Stem Cell & Exosomes-$6000/$5000

Double dose Stem cells&Exosome-8000/$7000

Trigger Point- $100


Botox-20 units ($249) 40units ($598) additional $14/unit

40 units of Botox and 1 syringe Juvederm-$999



Ketamine Therapy Consultation-$150

Ketamine Mental Health Therapy- $450 per session

Vitamin D3-$25