Affordable Pricing

Below are Cash, Zelle, and Check Prices. There is a 15% fee for any credit cards or debit cards. Ask about any specials. Payments are due at time of service.

Medical MJ Card

Medical MJ Card Consult- $150

Medical Weight Loss

H.C.G (23 Day Program)- $320

H.C.G (40 Day Program)- $420

Phen ter mine (30 Days)*- $200

Phentimax 5 Med Combo Capsule (30 Days)*


Phenti+Caffeine Capsule (30 Days)*-$380

Lipotropic Injections-

$30/syringe or 4 for $100

B12 Injections- $20/syringe or 4 for $75

Semorelin (4 weeks)-$300

* Need Blood Work From Last 12 Months

Male Hormone Therapy (Low T)

$425-  for every 2.5 months (includes all blood work,

consults and ~10-12 weeks of testosterone)


*Estrogen blockers and muscle enhancing

hormones add-on as additional

Female Hormone Therapy (Low T)

$400- for every 2 months

(includes all blood work,

consults and compounded hormones)

Lab Work*

Annual checkup- $90

Female Basic Hormone Panel-


Male Basic Hormone Panel-$160

Men Comprehensive Panel-$320

Female Full Panel-


Comprehensive Thyroid Panel-


Vitamin D-25H-$50


Home Blood Draw-$100

*Call For Pricing On If You Need Different

Blood Work


Initial Visit ($165)

Follow up Visit ($120)/month

Urine Drug Screen-$60

Pain Management*

Prolotherapy (Spine/Area)-$450

Prolotherapy (Shoulder, Knees,


PRP (Spine/Area)-$650

PRP (Shoulder, Knee, Hips)-$600

Trigger Point- $100

*Consult fee included


Boto x-$10/unit

Fillers (per 1ml syringe) ~ $500-605

Mesotherapy- $420

Vitamin Injections

Vitamin D3-$25




Ket-amine- $250