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Micro nutrients such as vitamins and minerals play key roles in health and in disease prevention. We require a daily dose of these nutrients as they cannot be stored in the body for a long time. While many rely on vitamin supplements and dietary sources, the nutrients in these forms are not absorbed completely. Many factors such as age, health condition, stress, gut health, body composition, interaction with other foods and medications can reduce the bio-availability of nutrients.

IV vitamin therapy is a method of infusing vital nutrients directly into the bloodstream to ensure maximum absorption and availability. Our IV vitamin solution contains a potent mix of minerals, vitamins and amino acids that are 100% available. These nutrients act instantly on the system to provide fast relief from fatigue and pain while accelerating fitness, jetlag and hangover recovery.

IV hydration therapy also makes it possible to administer higher doses of vitamins and minerals, unlike the oral route where large doses are not tolerated or absorbed optimally. 


We have tailored the perfect blend of vitamins to achieve wide-ranging health and wellness goals. Our IV vitamin therapy packs a powerful punch of key nutrients that improve mood, speed up wound healing, boost energy and immune system without side effects.

Here are the key benefits of our customized IV vitamin therapy:

  • Enhanced energy levels without crashes or side effects
  • Strengthened immune system to stay on top of colds, flu and viral infections
  • Optimum fat burning to achieve weight loss and fitness goals
  • Accelerated recovery from jet lag
  • Ideal cure for a hangover
  • Fast-track solution for migraine headaches and muscle cramps
  • Whole body detoxification to repair and rejuvenate damaged skin and body cells
  • Comprehensive nourishment to mitigate the harmful effects of stress and anxiety


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